The Rufus Putnam Dining Room was opened on January 31, 1931. All known direct descendants of Rufus Putnam were invited as complimentary guests to the grand opening.  On August 17, 1946, the Gun Room Dining Room was formally opened to the public. Displayed throughout the Gunroom are a boat's telegraph, steering arms, steamboat instruments, a bell, a compass and bell pulls. The pilot wheels were made for the Navy in World War II, but were never used.

The Gun Room is most known for its famous collection of long rifles.  These rifles are all handcrafted and date from 1795 to 1880. Among this collection hangs a percussion rifle made byJ.1. Henry and sons, who accompanied Benedict Arnold to Quebec in 1775 and the company later was contracted to make muskets for the U.S. Army. Each rifle is numbered and a description and brief history hangs just inside the entrance to the Gunroom Restaurant.

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Monday - Thursday 7am - 11am & 5pm - 8pm

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